Virtual Homecoming 2020 Performance


Step #1: Practice!

Start by downloading this track and using it to practice. The track has a metronome playing in the background to help you keep a consistent tempo. If you need sheet music for your part, feel free to email Hadley Haux.

Step #2: Record!

There are a few things we’d recommend when setting up to record.

  • Listen to the track you downloaded in Step #1 with headphones while you’re recording so that your recording doesn’t pick up the metronome track.

  • Record yourself in a quiet room with as little ambient noise as possible.

  • Record yourself  using landscape (horizontal) format on your recording device so that we get to hear AND see you play.

  • Record yourself a couple of times, adjusting where you place your microphone as needed to get the best sound.

  • Feel free to add a short personal message to Marching Mizzou or Mizzou in general before or after your recording.

Step #3: Submit!

Submit your video using one of the following options:

  1. Upload to YouTube as an unlisted video (note: NOT “private”), and share the link to the email provided below. This is simple if you have YouTube or Google account, and can be done directly from your phone!

  2. Upload to your own file-sharing platform (such as Dropbox or OneDrive), and share the link to the email provided below. This can also be done directly from your phone.

  3. Email directly to the email provided below. This is the least desirable option, but can be used if needed! Large video files may not always make it through using this method, so it’s advisable to try options #1 or #2 first!

The email address to utilize for any of the options above is: You will receive a confirmation email once your video is received and checked for any issues. Percussion and “specialty” instruments: We understand that you may not have access to marching percussion or the specialty brass instruments at home. If you own the correct instrument, great! If not, feel free to perform on similar instruments (e.g. horn instead of mellophone, tuba instead of sousaphone, concert snare instead of marching snare, etc.) or simply be creative!


The deadline for submissions for inclusion in the 2020 Marching Mizzou Virtual Alumni Band is Thursday, October 26.


If you have any issues or questions regarding the process, please do not hesitate to contact our lead Marching Mizzou Virtual Alumni Band GTA Josh Boyer, who will be putting the final product together. Contact him using the email listed above for any questions you may have! If you have questions about recording yourself or need assistance in uploading your recording, feel free to reach out to Joe Trammel.

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